We proudly present our customers, partners, sponsors and friends on this journey.
They have truly embraced the idea of sustainability and are contributing to a better future for Lithuania.


A small selection of our customers, for whom we delivered with sustainability in every aspect of their events and/or conferences.


Friends of Sustainable Vilnius

Team and Bloggers

Viktorija Štarevičiūtė

Viktorija is a highly appreciated and essential part of our team; not only is she Head of Marketing, but she continuously contributes with creative ideas. She is also a co-author of our blog on Sustainable Gastro.

Greta Gumuliauskytė

French speaking Lithuanian girl living in beautiful Vilnius. Lifestyle blogger, photography, journalism and food lover. Crazy about Paris.
In love with life.

Rūta Račaitė

Nutrition, gastronomy and well-being lover passionate about photography and food styling. Working in food marketing field and writing a blog about well-balanced tasty life.

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