The Vilnius Gastro 2016 event has been created to show how important, but also how simple it is to consider and implement sustainability within an event. In this case, we have been taking actions from the International Standard ISO20121 which specifies the requirements for an Event Sustainability Management System to improve the sustainability of events.


Making ISO20121 easy

It sounds complicated, but in reality to implement ISO20121, the main objectives are to consider the environmental, economic and social implications of the event. ISO20121 is not a checklist but a framework to follow in the way you work. It is suitable for all types and sizes of organisations in the event industry.


Go environmental

In relation to this event, environmental factors have been considered by ensuring that all venues are within walking distance, meaning that there will be no need for cars. Ticketing will be generated via the vendor’s app meaning that the ticket process is paperless as much as it can be. However, as not all restaurants involved can be supplied with scanners, we will print vouchers (made of recovered and recyclable paper) which the attendees shall return at the last stop for the evening at Vilniaus Kongresų rūmai.


Making it social

In terms of the social aspect being applied to this event, we are working with a charity to which we will donate from the ticket sales, as well as helping to raise awareness of their work. There will also be 100 free tickets given to non-profit and supporting companies to attend. Furthermore, in terms of the local restaurants in Vilnius there is both a positive social and economic effect from this event. Due to competition, some local restaurants are struggling to remain open, therefore this event opens up the potential for new custom and income as well as creating an air of community.


You can read more about sustainability on our co-opertion partners site for sustainable events:


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