Vilnius Gastro 2017

How it works - for the guests

To take part in Vilnius Gastro 2017, first you have to choose between three different routes; Vilnius Gastro YELLOW, GREEN, and RED. They are assembled with a good variety to give you a complete experience among the city's restaurants.
See all places per colour on our map here. All colours give you 6 restaurants and a quality bar, but a venue is only found in one route. Remember that if you are to walk together, choose the same colour on the route so that you end up in the same places. You can only visit the restaurants that are shown on your chosen colour.

Join us in five easy steps:
• Buy your voucher online.
• Open your email to get your 8 digit code. (Check your spam if it's not in your inbox.)
• Go to on your phone, not your computer
• Bookmark the page for use on the event day
• Activate your online ticket with your details and 8 digit code to get the route map and vote page.
The event itself starts when the restaurants open their doors for you on Thursday the 16th. See details for each route.

How it works - for the restaurants

There's no fee for a restaurant to participate in the event, all you need is to be open for the event's guests during the evening, and offer a sample of your speciality to the guests with admittance. We ask that you use and promote local products.
This is the perfect way to advertise your restaurant, for a fraction of the cost of regular advertising, and you're getting people to come to you!
Just contact us here to join, or if you have questions!
Kindly leave your name and email, and we'll make sure you get all the latest updates for this event.
Your information will be kept confidential.

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• Visit up to 6 different restaurants and a quality bar between 16-23 o'clock
• Tasting of signature dish/beverage at each venue
• Your vote and results for the restaurants
• A cool social event with your family and friends
• A chance to give to those who have so little; We donate part of our profit to Maltiečiai

Ticket price: € 32 per person and route

Note: Drinks at the restaurants are not included in the price of the ticket
The participating restaurants and bars give you a taste of their best. We're happy, that so many choose to take part of this and give the citizens a chance to enjoy so much for so little.
Since you're there to get a lovely bite of food and sip of beverage, keep a look out for special deals this evening at every place.
Welcome all food lovers!

Get your voucher here.
Your voucher is not accepted at venues, you must use the code on via your phone to access your route. Tickets cannot be exchanged or returned. We reserve the right for changes of venues in and hours of the routes. Tickets will not be refunded because of such changes.

The amount of tickets is limited! Early bird tickets can be bought until March 5th, after this regular ticket price of €32 will be in effect.

• If you have allergies, you should tell the restaurants upon arrival. We can't guarantee that they are able to consider such requests.
Donating to charity and caring for people is a part of our corporate DNA, and for this event we proudly work with Maltiečiai, highlighting not to waste food. We are donating part of our profit to them.
Read more about them here.
Food route YELLOW

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Food route GREEN

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Food route RED

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